To be the preferred marketplace for high quality products that are value for money; rewarding both buyers and sellers for every purchase.


To have mastery of continuous innovation with technology and courage to disrupt long standing business models in today’s rapidly changing mobile world.

About Us

Who We Are

Singapore-based Noble Vici Pte. Ltd. reinvents the online marketplace with V-MORE and continues to take on the e-commerce titans through business and technological innovations.

With a unique offering of Noble Vici’s e-commerce platform integrated with AIM Adtech, affiliates and merchants are rewarded when they use V-MORE to grow their businesses.


Eldee Tang, CEO and Founder

Eldee believes that a company’s strength is derived from the management’s trust in its people, while the people forms the strength collectively. He attributes a company’s success to the excellent contribution of its employees and the concerted effort of all stakeholders.

He takes a keen interest in his employees and believes that a productive workforce is made of happy employees. He drives corporate social responsibilities behaviour in all his employees as he believes that every individual function in relation to the larger communities.

Awards & Accolades
  • 2017: Knighted by Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta

  • 2016: Academic Excellence Award, United States of America,

  • 2016: Global Outstanding Young Chinese Award, China Hong Kong

  • 2010: Most Promising Entrepreneur Award from Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award (APEA)

Board of advisors