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Post Event Update

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Editor: Archie Teo

8 Sep 2019 saw the attendance of over 500 V-MORE partners at the RELC auditorium with the sole purpose of listening to CEO and Founder of Noble Vici Group, Sir Eldee Tang releasing exclusive news of what to expect from our dynamic business in the months to come.

Audiences learnt about the regional market opportunity in the E-Commerce space that V-MORE Xpress’ Vending System is diving into, and understood with clarity of their privileged positions during this exciting period of the business. 

They learnt more about how V-MORE would be utilizing the Vending System to support and bridge the emerging offline markets with our V-MORE Online System. This would go on to reinforce the crucial link between the Online and Offline markets of the business as mentioned numerous times in the past.

Sir Eldee shared the multiple benefits of being a V-MORE Xpress Franchisee, comparing the risk/reward profile of being V-MORE Xpress Franchisee versus the high entry requirements and risks of traditional franchise models.

Finishing off the event with an invitation to the partners in the audience to sign up as V-MORE Xpress Franchisees, the overwhelming response clearly reflected the optimism of the V-MORE partners as well as the success of the event!