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The Digital Revolution – Super brand

Sir Eldee Tang, CEO and Founder of Noble Vici Group presents his insights on branding

Singapore, 17 February 2019 – A much anticipated event for affiliates from around the region of Asia attended the Q4 NGV preview on Sunday. The event kicks off with Sir Eldee Tang, CEO and Founder of Noble Vici Group, addressing the crowd of affiliates with The Digital Revolution – super brand. With the advancement of technology, it takes less than a century to build a brand. V-More is making footprints in Asia, fast becoming a leading e-commerce platform and a preferred marketplace for high quality of products and services.

The roomful of affiliates and guests certainly show their level of commitment to NVG.

The event ends with a special incentivized program for new affiliates.

Congratulations to the 3 winners of the Top Referral Challenge 2019 for their outstanding performance.




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