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About V-MORE

At the helm of CEO and founder Eldee Tang, he created V-MORE to be the e-commerce powerhouse; generating more sales channels for merchants who already have e-commerce capabilities and encouraging them to go on V-MORE platform. Thus reaping greater sales and profits for their business.


V-MORE has international and Asia presence in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan. V-MORE’s AIM Crowdsourcing System rewards both merchants for listing and buyers for every purchase; making it mutually beneficial to transact on the platform. In addition to receiving discounts on products, buyers are rewarded when they make purchases on V-MORE. The more they spend, the more Reward Points they receive. Merchants list for FREE. They are rewarded when they list their products on V-MORE.


With a high penetration rate of mobile phones and devices and more social media users, the experience of shop-on-the-go experience is greatly enhanced. V-MORE aims to become the world’s leading e-commerce platform and the number one preferred marketplace for high quality products that are value for money. There are more than 500 merchants, more than 10,000 product listing, 89% returning customers and more than 300,000 active global users.

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